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Next week...

I've got quite a few pieces in various stages of completion, but haven't been able to finish any of them this week. Today is my baby's 18th birthday, and we've been scrambling for a few weeks with things like getting her (finally!) licensed to drive, researching and buying the amp she wants/needs for her guitar, getting her computer set up properly to run the music software she's trying to use, etc etc. Productivity just went out the window! Here's one that I finished awhile ago, made for a friend who has a real thing for Art Deco. There was an exhibit at the Museum of Art in Boston this winter, and she loved it. Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry

Off to Passover seder!

This is what I'm wearing: Joy Don't worry ~ I'm wearing clothing too! It's just not as interesting.

New Spring pendants

I'm going to do a tutorial on these pretty soon...if there is any interest! Spring Pendants

A new baby!

We have a new "house baby," as my husband and I are calling her! Our tenants gave birth to their first child yesterday morning. They have named her Selah, which is the Hebrew term used in the Psalms to alert the reader to stop and consider well. Well, now that I know she's a girl, I guess I'll need to create a matching mommy-daughter set of bracelets!

Victorian "Cameo" Neckpiece

Victorian "Cameo" Neckpiece A tapestry fabric neckpiece, embellished with lucite flowers and glass seedbeads. The central "cameo" is a photo-transfer to muslin. No photos were destroyed in the making of this piece! Technorati Tags: wearable art , jewelry

Costumer's Manifesto

The Costumer's Manifesto is an amazing site has pictures of and links to absolutely everything to do with the costuming world. You will find articles on corsets and military uniforms, costumes used in the movies, fashion theory, wedding and vintage clothing, all types of accessories, including (of course!) jewelry. It is an absolutely incredible site, put together by Dr Tara Maginnis at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Thank you, thank you!