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Book review: Glass Bead Workshop

Glass Bead Workshop by Jeri L Warhaftig Just when you thought you’d never need another lampworking book, Jeri Warhaftig has come up with one that takes you from the intermediate stage and beyond! There are projects in here that will make you see glass in a whole new way, and will send you running for the torch. Reviewers agree: this is the book for you if you want to make more than dots and swirls. Sandblasting, applying enamel, working off the mandrel, and blowing hollow beads are just a few of the techniques that Jeri will introduce you to, and then inspire you to explore further!

Artist profile: Beverly Ash Gilbert

 Legacy Artist: Beverly Ash Gilbert Location: Kirkland Washington Website and Blog: Gilbert Designs Beverly Gilbert blog How do you describe your work, Beverly? Experimental, free-form, full of color, movement and texture. I tire easily of rigid forms and patterns. Wander with Fiber What is your creative process like? I live within the creative process – am driven by the designs, ideas and possibilities that fill my head and thrive on the fact that they are always changing and evolving. Once my pieces are nearly completed and I see how they are going to look, I start to loose interest and am ready to move to the next idea. I have to force myself to finish. And I can’t stand reproducing. I almost always start with a color combination I want to play with and sometimes I sketch ideas in my notebook. But after that, I let go and see where my beads take me. I believe that the creative process is about finding a synergy between my left and right brain. There is a constant s