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Showing posts from February, 2007

I'm baaaaaack!

Sleep deprived, pumped up, full of hope for the younger generation! And now I have two announcements instead of just one. First, the business announcement: I have accepted a position with b5Media to write their Jewelry & Beading blog ! I am extremely excited about this, because it will enable me to continue what I've been doing on this blog, but also to be able to do so much more. Artist profiles. More tutorials. Compile a library of basic techniques. Yay!! I hope that all of you who read this blog regularly (or even just from time to time) will visit and subscribe to the new blog. It will take me awhile to transfer content, and for the foreseeable future this blog will not be going anywhere. But I also won't be posting many new things to it either. Eventually, everything here which is worthwhile will be transferred to the new digs. And now for the second announcement, which I wasn't expecting to make just now: My son is getting married!!! Not that I'm particularl

A long weekend away

Once more, a small handful of crazy adults and a not-so-small handful of even crazier teens will be leaving the frozen northeast to travel to Ocean City Maryland, where it's not quite so frozen. But it's not exactly warm either! We're going to Winterfest, our annual youth conference. My daughter is coming home from college tonight to go as well, as a chaperone. Her second year in this position :-) When I get back, early next week, I expect to be making a HUGE announcement! Stay tuned...