Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This was fun!

I'm trying to think of an occasion to wear it before I put it up for sale on he website ;-) I also need to think up a name...

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bead-embroidered cuff bracelet

Resin, Liquid Glass, or Diamond Glaze
Bottle cap, picture to fit
2 pieces of faux leather fabric, each 4x9 inches
Bracelet blank
Nymo O beading thread
#8 seed beads
#11 cylindrical seed beads, delicas
other items to use as cabochons or to embroider with


fine-point felt-tip pen
beading needles
fabric scissors
measuring tape

1. Cut out a picture to fit inside of a bottle cap. Fill the cap with a thin layer of Diamond Glaze, Liquid Glass, or resin. When nearly dry, place picture inside and cover with a thin layer of the same glaze. Let it dry.

2. Trace around the bracelet blank to create an outer edge on one piece of ultrasuede. Secure the bottle cap cabochon to the fabric with E6000. When it has dried, begin to stitch around it.

3. When you have completed your embroidery, make sure there is a line of #11 seed beads around the entire outline of the bracelet. Cut the embroidery out, leaving about ¼ to ½ inch of extra fabric.

4. Using a thin layer of E6000, glue the embroidery to the top of the bracelet blank. Glue another piece of ultrasuede to the inside of the blank. You don’t have to use much glue ~ this is just to keep them in place until you finish stitching the two pieces of fabric together. Cut the two pieces even with each other, very close to the last line of stitching. Be careful not to cut any threads.

5. Stitch a row of beads to cover the raw edges. Using #8 seed beads, bring the needle down through one bead at a time. Taking the needle to the back, bring the thread up through both layers of fabric, exiting behind the outer row of #11 seed beads. Pass the thread between two of the beads in this row, and needle up through the bead that was just added, pick up another bead and repeat the sequence all around the outside of the bracelet. This technique leaves the beads standing up with their holes facing outwards.

6. Weaving in and out of the #8 seed beads, add three #11 delicas to cover the holes and to create a picot finish.


Copyright 2006 Cyndi Lavin. Not to be reprinted, resold, or redistributed for profit. May be printed out for personal use or distributed electronically provided that entire file, including this notice, remains intact.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Listing of free bead patterns

Paula Morgan, the beadwork guide at about.com, has reorganized all the free patterns into one great alphabetical listing! Check it out ~ I particularly am interested in trying the wisteria earrings...

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


I've been thinking about how much faster I'd finish things if I were doing art full-time. Then I thought about how blessed I am to be able to do art half-time!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Progress on a rainy day

I didn't get as far as I would have liked yesterday, but I did make some progress on the bracelet portion of my new pieces.

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day! (but not too soon)

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Monday, May 15, 2006

I've changed my mind

It took me approximately 2 minutes to completely remove all the work that took 1-1/2 hours to do on the new bracelet. That's because I decided to use slightly different techniques with less bulky results. I'll probably write up the directions for this one when it's finished.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gallery opening last night!

All the daughters of Eve

Last night was the opening of our new show, "The Vessel," being held at WPI's library gallery. The sponsoring organization is Central Mass chapter of The Women's Caucus for Art. What a nice group of people! Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves ~ even though he was just there for the food ;-)

The show runs through the beginning of June.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Saturday, May 06, 2006

This new book is a beauty!

And it's totally easy to follow the directions too!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Decorative crimp beads

Pretty cool, huh? Check out Fire Mountain Gems for these and other styles.

Monday, May 01, 2006

OK, the color's fine!

And it's finished, which makes me really happy!

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Not sure about the color...

...but I'm going to stick with it anyway :-)

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