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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I will see you all again in 2018!  Hope your holiday season is wonderful :-) Nate, Lizzie, Cyndi, Mike (back) Katherine, Dani, Julianna (front)

A few more things to amuse you!

I don't think I've told you yet about a couple of the Pinterest boards I've been busy filling...and two of them actually have something to do with jewelry and beading!  The third one, you might be able to guess from the image above, is purely self-indulgent :-) Inspiring Handmade Beads Trade Bead Beauties AND... Amazing Shoes !

heART beats from other blogs!

Gifting from the heart Gifting from the heart...a video tutorial with quick and easy ideas! Leather cord wrap bracelet tutorial "No technique" earring video tutorial Winter Wonderland earring video tutorial Bead loom cuff bracelet tutorial Celtic spike chain maille pendant tutorial Jewelry designs to hang from your tree! This post contains affiliate links: Jesse James Beads

Recent publications: October through December 2017

A Passion for Flowers in 3-D Peyote Stitch by Sheila Root Not Just for Show: The Archaeology of Beads, Beadwork, and Personal Ornaments by Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer and Clive Bonsall Chain Mail Plus: Jewelry Projects Using Crystals, Charms & More by Sandy Haugen Creative Wax Carving: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Craft with 15 Jewelry Projects by Emilie Shapiro Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam by Valerie Bothell This post contains affiliate links: Amazon

Do you need some more ideas?

  Holy cow!  As if you didn't already have enough projects on your list, I've got a Pinterest board for you to (at least) double your list!  Jewelry making tutorials is open for your browsing pleasure!  Some are free, some cost a bit, but you'll find all different media covered here in jewelry making.  If I've missed any that you've found particularly helpful, will you drop me a line?  Thanks!

12 Days of Beadsmas at Jesse James Beads!

  Special sales start today !  20% off the Make it Merry collection...but what will it be tomorrow? This post contains affiliate links: Jesse James Beads

heART beats from other blogs!

  Dozens of quick and easy jewelry items to make as gifts (some shown above) Make it Merry design contest   Memory wire bracelet tutorial with shaped beads Torch-fired enamels Snowflake necklace tutorial   Get 20% off Blick orders of $99 or more, plus $35 free shipping! Use code CELC. Offer expires midnight (CST), Saturday, December 9th 2017. Exclusions apply.  Maple syrup creme brulee recipe Dangling ornament Christmas necklace tutorial   Make beautiful beaded snowflake ornaments (shown below)   This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique, Dick Blick, and Jesse James Beads

Gift books for the holidays!

Each year, I like to share a list of books with you that I think are really the top picks from all the books published in this past year.  I still think that many of the books from prior years' lists are good too, and if you'd like to see them, they are linked at the bottom of this post.  Also, I keep running lists of all the books that pertain to specific topics and media , like wirework, bead embroidery, etc, all linked up at the Books tab at the top of every page.  And finally, if you are looking for all of the bead and jewelry books published this past year , just scroll down to the bottom of the linked page and you'll find them all listed by month. My Top Pick for Everyone This Year: Jewelry Making with Resin For Beginners: Jewelry Made with Wire and Fiber by Nealay Patel   Jewelry Making with Resin by Theresa Abelew   One Jump Ring: Endless Possibilities for Chain Mail Jewelry by Lauren Andersen   Beginner's Guide to Beadweaving by Diana R

Twelve Giveaways of Christmas!

  Did you see that Beadaholique has started their T welve Giveaways of Christmas and special sales?  They run every weekday until December 21.  You do not have to buy anything to enter! This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique

Book review: Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam

I have several books on stitching seams for crazy quilts, and each time a new one comes out, I hesitate.  Do I really need another one?  But fortunately, I usually come to my senses and realize that I always learn something new and delightful in each new book!  So I joyfully (no pun intended) bring this book to your attention: Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam by Valerie Bothell.   Not only is it visually beautiful, but it is also possibly the best organized of all the CQ books I own.  The emphasis is on the seam stitching, although there are basic instructions for CQ piecing as well. The photos of the stitches are beautiful and easy to follow, and many many stitches are shown in beaded varieties as well!  This section is followed by 500 different stitch combinations, using thread embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, and beads.  You will want to start immediately! This post contains affiliate links: Amazon

Red bead embroidered pendant with drops

  I made this bead embroidered pendant a couple of years ago, but it looks so good with this year's Fall + Winter colors that I had to pull it out of my drawer again!  You'll find the free tutorial for it at the link.  

heART beats from other blogs!

  Interchangeable necklace tutorial with Nealay Patel (shown above) Victorian chain earrings tutorial Advice on being a professional jewelry artist   Jewelry kits that make great gifts (one style shown below)   Stamped stacked rings tutorial Graphite and enamel pendants tutorial     This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

Bead embroidery inspiration

  I have been having a blast on Pinterest lately, looking at gorgeous examples of bead embroidery.  Not all of them are wearables, though a large percentage are necklaces or pendants.  If you need some inspiration for your next piece, even if you don't plan to start until after the holidays, browse around these two boards: Beautiful bead embroidery Details, details  

Coptic cross necklace - for sale

  Coptic cross, Dogon beads, Bohemian beads $37 The Coptic cross on this necklace is hinged at the top, and it is surrounded by small Bohemian striped glass beads and larger glass Dogon beads (German, trade beads used in Africa).  The entire necklace is 17 1/2 inches long.   

Sandcast beads Boho necklace - tutorial + for sale

  West African sandcast beads, Telsum bead, Venetian beads, Bohemian striped beads.  39" long, adjustable $65 I was inspired by the long Boho-style necklaces that are everywhere this Fall, and by the collection of fabulous African trade beads that I've built up over the years.  You may not be able to find the exact same beads that I've used if you want to make your own necklace, but you can no doubt find some wonderful beads in the season's colors either at Jesse James Beads or at Beadaholique .    1. I used an eyeglass cord that I bought years ago in Guatemala for the fiber strap of this necklace.  You'll find some really interesting and colorful cotton straps at Beadaholique , which will give you a similar look.  You can simply add a wrapped wire loop to the cut end of the flat strap (make sure to seal it with glue!).   2. Cut two cords, one about 15" and one about 18".  String on the beads for the shorter cord and knot

African sandcast bead necklaces - for sale

   Sandcast bead necklace #1 $15 These cute little necklaces have a West African sandcast bead in the center, surrounded by some European Bohemian striped trade beads.  The thin leather cord is 27 inches long, which allows you plenty of room to pick your favorite length.  The cords are unfinished on the ends, and are meant to simply be tied.  The center beaded portion is approximately 1 1/2 inches long. There is only one of each available!   Sandcast bead necklace #2  $15 Sandcast bead necklace #3 $15   Sandcast bead necklace #4 $15

Tis the season to go shopping!

  I can't stand shopping in most stores.  There, I've said it.  Black Friday is just not my thing.  Granted, there are some Mom and Pop stores around here that I love to patronize, helping in my small way to keep them in business.  But as for the malls, the chain stores, etc...yuck! So I put together a Jewelry gift ideas board on Pinterest, both for myself and for you.  I'm sure that there are at least a few mass-produced items that slipped through, but I'll be removing them as I go.  Many are linked to different Etsy sellers, and while some may be out of date and no longer available, my thinking is that if you like the seller's style, surely you can find something else similar in their shop. There are also lots of good ideas on the board for you to make yourself for your friends, family, and self.  And I included a few books which cover fast and easy-to-make projects.  The books make good gifts too, come to think f it!  And don't forget about my Jewelry

Don't ruin your jewelry work!

  There is nothing like a cheap, mass-produced clasp to totally ruin the beautiful piece of jewelry you've spent hours on making!  Of course there are some manufactured clasps that might be just perfect, but often your best choice is to make one yourself that fits the style and materials of your piece.  How I wish I could gather up some of the work I made in the early days and redo that clasp... I've put together an ideas board for you on Pinterest: a Handcrafted clasps board .  Please take a look, follow the board if you'd like, and see if there are some ideas there that will spark a new trend for you with your own pieces!  And if you've made a lovely clasp yourself, let me know and I'll add your link to the board!

30% off your order, one day only!

  Did you see this?  Today only at Beadaholique ! This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique

Jewelry making tutorials on Pinterest

  Just in case you need even more projects, more inspiration, more ideas...I've got a rather large Jewelry Making Pinterest board that you can check out and follow.  Recently, Pinterest allowed the boards to be divided into sections, so I have spent some time sorting all the pins out for you into Wire, Bead embroidery, Bead stringing, Fiber + fabric, Metal clay, Polymer clay, Beadweaving, Mixed media + recycled, Metal fabrication + stamping. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone there!  Please let me know if you've got a tutorial that you'd like included :-)

Picture jasper choker necklace - for sale

Picture jasper, brass coin, ceramic beads  SOLD This piece is a 15" choker necklace, featuring a pretty donut of picture jasper and an interesting brass coin.  Please note the length...this looks great with scoop and crew neck tops and goes wonderfully with the Pantone Fall palette!

heART beats from other blogs!

Copper wire heart bracelet tutorial Sharon Boggon demystifies hand embroidery supplies Maybe the world's tiniest quilt? Interweave's favorite cuff bracelets Jesse James Bead's new "Make It Merry" collection Thanksgiving bread recipes   Crescent wire-wrapped earrings tutorial   Industrial wire bracelet tutorial This post contains affiliate links: Jesse James Beads

Ethiopian Cross necklace - for sale

Ethiopian Cross necklace with trade beads $110 This piece is made primarily with trade beads from Kenya and a resin material that is called Somali amber.  It is definitely NOT real amber!  The pendant is an Ethiopian cross , which you can read about at the link.  I originally made this for a magazine article, but now I've brought it back out because it is a perfect match for the colors this season:  

My secret obsession...

Maleficent's Dragon, made for Disney by the company my daughter works for! You might think I was a 13 year old girl...I have never gotten over my obsession with dragons and other fantastical creatures.  So what to do?  Start a Dragon Pinterest board of course!  I know this has very little to do with jewelry making or mixed media art, but at least most of the pins are of dragon jewelry!  

Bluebird Singing in the Dead of Night - a beaded necklace tutorial

Bluebird Singing in the Dead of Night Polymer clay, agate, jasper, unakite, ruby zoisite, glass I used a variety of teals, blues, and greens to create Bluebird Singing in the Dead of Night .  My inspiration for this piece was the cute little polymer clay bird made by my friend Heather Powers of Humble Beads .  If you'd like to own the original necklace shown above, he is for sale here .    Each of the accent beads is surrounded by two small dyed stone beads that perfectly match the popular Shaded Spruce color that is everywhere this fall.  This ties all the bead links together.  I feel good about using this palette, because I know that these colors tend to be perennially popular and won't look dated after just one season.   Here are some materials suggestions for you: Shaded spruce bead mix Leather cord Chain + wire Tools   1. Choose beads for the top (shortest and smallest) strand.  Cut wires for each link and begin the wrapped loop turn on one end.