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Green bronze bead embroidered pendant

Available!  Leave me a comment Instead of starting with the focal, this time I started with the beadwoven bail !  The one I chose was a previously stitched piece that you can learn more about at the link above and below. Open-centered triangular bail Now, that's not to say that I don't absolutely love the focal!  I do, and I've been saving it for something special.  It's a resin-coated polymer clay piece made by my friend Mary Anne Williams Knapp .  Mary Anne has online trunk shows that you can access through Facebook, but you better move quickly when her work is up for sale!  It gets scooped up with lightning speed.  I used some Miyuki drops on both an inner row and around the edging of this piece, along with some pearls and a lovely little raku bead by Amy Mealey of Xaz Bead Company . My e-book, Some Assembly Required , covers making different types of bezels to enhance both regularly shaped and irregularly shaped cabochons, connecting your bead embro

Book review: Heirloom Embroidery

There are over 225 iron-on transfers in Heirloom Embroidery from Brian Haggard , specifically from his book Embroidered Memories .  The designs are classic for crazy quilts, and come in a variety of sizes.  There is only one page of embroidery stitch instruction in the very back, but surely you've got plenty of other books that cover the stitches!  This book is about pure iron-and-go!!  By C + T Publishing. This post contains affiliate links: Amazon

Orthoceras fossil bead embroidered pendants

Available!  Leave me a comment When I was in Cambridge England recently, I went to a really nice little market.  It mostly had food, so of course I bought some tea...and then I turned a corner and found a lovely woman selling stones and fossils.  One of my favorite pieces that I've ever made features a small but almost perfect orthoceras fossil I bought in Alaska, so I was thrilled to find she had a little bin of them.  They were a bit shorter than my first, but that is absolutely fine.  The one on the left features a butterfly style bail that I've really enjoyed making recently, and the one on the right has my more typical square stitched bail on the back.  Finally!  I always planned to keep my original pendant and have resisted all offers to buy it, but now I can keep it guilt free! Copyright 2019 Cyndi Lavin. All rights reserved.