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heART beats from other blogs!

Learn to design with tassels and fringe...a free live video class coming April 6th   (samples above) Japanese Tensa bead earrings video tutorial Hidden memory rings tutorial Enter the Dragonfly necklace video tutorial Making "stained glass" earrings from paper Owl You Need is Love necklace video tutorial Little Boy Blue wire-wrapped necklace video tutorial Beaded convertible bracelet/necklace duo Lola adjustable tassel bracelet video tutorial Easy fan tassel earrings video tutorial Inspirational hand embroidery butterfly This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

Zipper craft adornments

I have made several pieces of jewelry over the years that prominently feature zippers, but the more recent wave of zipper jewelry and ornaments completely takes my breath away.  Here are a lot of links to tutorials, and lots of pictures for inspiration on my Zipper craft Pinterest board. 

More crochet samples and tutorial links

Fingerless Gloves Last week, I shared some tutorial links with you and some sample pieces that I made to try out various stitches. I used to crochet a LOT when I was much younger, but I haven't for awhile, so my fingers needed to get back in practice.  I think it's a really good idea to "cross-train" on different art forms from time to time, don't you? :-) Here are a few of the pieces that I ended up obsessively   compulsively diligently making over January and February when I was so sick.  It felt good to just hunker down and stitch away. I've been doing my own version of this hyperbolic spiral form to make a scarf, shown directly above and also on last week's post in brighter colors. Fingerless gloves Shown here and at the top of the post.  Here are the component parts: Ribbing... Elizabeth stitch Dragon scarf My suggestion is that you use a very soft yarn for this one.  I used yarn that was stiffer, because I thou

heART beats from other blogs!

New Czech Zoli-Duo beads   (shown above, and project links below) Floral lace swirl earrings video tutorial Orleans bracelet video tutorial How to make a chain and 4 ways to use it Teal tassel earrings video tutorial Emperador State of Mind necklace video tutorial Stayin' in Paris cuff video tutorial This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

Jewelry business tips from around the blogosphere!

Find your medium: an interview with Suzanne Williams, jewelry artist 10 Tips for steady hands Is someone stealing your blog content? Marketing trends for 2018 Etsy vs Amazon for selling your jewelry New treasures from Tucson Jewelry trends forecast by a Millennial

Free form crochet samples and tutorial links

Hyperbolic Scarf It seems kind of funny to say that there are tutorials for how to do free form crochet!  After all, isn't the point that there is no pattern?  Yes, true, but I'm finding that it's really helpful to learn some of the fancy stitches, patterns, motifs, and techniques first, which will help you put together a more polished, lovely finished piece.  It's like free form still need to know how to do peyote stitch (for example) before you launch into making a decent looking finished piece! So, here are some of my samples and the tutorials that I used to teach myself how to do them.  You can find much much more on my Pinterest board, Crochet . If you haven't crocheted much (or at all) before, I highly recommend Theresa Warrior's series of video tutorials . Magic loop (not shown) Free form spiral I stitched into the back half of each chain and added a single crochet row to the spiral to emphasize it. Nautilus shell

heART beats from other blogs!

How to train your dragonfly necklace video tutorial!   (shown above) Lava stone necklace for essential oils Ice Queen earrings video tutorial Using broken gemstones and beads in new jewelry designs Little Boy Blue bracelet video tutorial Layered tassel earrings tutorial This post contains affiliate links: Jesse James Beads

Spring Crocus - for sale

Spring Crocus   Agate, glass, wire, and wood $45 Spring Crocus adjusts from 20 to 25 inches with a clasp and chain that has a floral pattern.  There are Swarovski crystals in a sparkling lime punch color.  Altogether, these are the perfect colors for Spring! Hit the button above, or leave me a comment if you are interested!

Upcycled, recycled, and refashioned fashions!

I am collecting pictures and tutorials about all the different ways you can get more use out of your clothing, jewelry, and thrift store finds!  I have always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together in new ways, and I would bet that lots of you do too!  Visit my Upcycled fashions Pinterest board and get inspired for Spring :-)

A large beaded bead for Spring!

I found this pretty beaded bead that I made two years ago, but it looks just perfect for the Spring palette, so I wanted to bring it to your attention again.  It uses a combo of RAW and peyote stitch, or netting, whichever you like best.  With long-chained pendants still popular this Spring, I thought it was worth digging out again, and maybe I'll make a couple more in different colorways!

heART beats from other blogs!

Jesse James Beads contest for Spring! (closes April 2) How to do dragonscale chain maille video tutorial! Making a cuff bracelet from your thread embroidery Minerva earrings video tutorial - great beginner's project (see above) Wool thread wrapped hoop earrings Dozens of Spring-worthy video tutorials 7 Ideas for making flower jewelry Tortoise shell statement earrings - a beginner project This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

Turquoise and sterling silver necklace - for sale

Turquoise, glass, sterling silver $40 This is an adjustable necklace which slips over your head and then tightens all the way down to 16 inches, if that's your style! The turquoise stone donut pendant is complimented by the glass beads, sterling silver wire and beads, and black cording. Hit the button above, or leave me a comment if you are interested.

Handmade jewelry inspirations!

I have a Pinterest board called Handmade Jewelry Inspirations .  The pieces are not arranged in any fashion other than by the date I saw and pinned them.  I've opened this board and simply let the images wash over me several times when I've been trying to decide what direction to go.  I don't ever recommend copying pieces directly, especially if there is no tutorial or permission being given, but instead, just let these designs inspire you and fill your well.  After the long winter we've been having, I know my well needs to be filled!

Two beading projects from Facet Jewelry Box

I told you about Facet Jewelry Box back in November.  It launched in January, and they sent me two boxes.  However... However, I ended up sick for about six weeks this winter, so I am just now getting around to doing new projects.  What a winter, huh? So here's the first box and what I made from it! It came with two projects: the really cute necklace and the briolette earrings.  I liked that all the materials came packed together in zip-locs that had the project name right on them.  I don't know about your work table, but mine is...messy is a kind word for it.  I made the necklace first, and I really liked that there were a few extra head pins in case of goofs.  That's easy enough to do when your're learning.  The instructions were easy to follow, and there is additional help online if you need it.  The instructions also include tips as to why the project works, which is helpful if you decide you want to make another using other materials. I w

heART beats from other blogs!

Free live class: Learn all about seed beads Today at 1pm ET.  Will be posted afterwards, so don't worry if you can't tune in for the live show. Vintage Garden Necklace video tutorial Incredible cakes for special occasions! Arctic Stone Earrings video tutorial Glamorous Empire State Necklace tutorial Lime Punch Bracelet video tutorial Add actual rock and roll to your bracelets This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads