I love to hear from my readers!  If you don't contact me, how will I know what's on your mind and how I can better meet your needs here on Beading Arts?  Of course you can always just leave me a comment on a post, but sometimes you might want to keep the contact private for various reasons.  Here's how you can do it: leave me a comment on this Contact Page.  All comments are sent directly to me and will not be posted publicly on this page. 

Here's an incomplete list of the various reasons that you might choose to contact me:
  • Visitor questions
  • Site problems - anything from spelling mistakes to html glitches
  • Topics you'd like me to cover in the future.  No, I won't promise, but I will consider it!
  • Services you'd like to offer in exchange for publicity - a tutorial or items for giveaway, perhaps?
  • Product review requests
  • Advertising inquiries
  • Affiliate program invitations
  • Publishers and editors - do you need some projects to fill your book? 
  • Media inquiries - anyone need an "expert"?  :-)
  • Designer endorsement - do you need someone to create a project using your products?
  • Commissions - like my work enough to hire me?  I specialize in making pieces that use beads or other items that are meaningful to you.

Ways to contact me:
  • Post a comment at the bottom of this page, including your email address.  If you do not include your email address, I will not be able to contact you!  Your question will not be posted publicly, but will come directly to me.
  • Email beadingarts @ (remove the spaces)
  • Facebook: Cyndi Lavin (personal page)  or  Beading Arts (business page)
  • Twitter: CyndiLavin


Anonymous said...

I purchased an embroidered beaded necklace on a foreign trip. The main cabochon has come off in the center.It was obviously glued on. What kind of glue/s can I use to reglue it? If there is more than one type that will work, please let me know because I am at the moment out of the USA in a home abroad. I have some two part epoxy glue, will that work. Sadly all my jewelry making glues I have on hand here dried up so I don't have alot to choose from where I am.

Cyndi L said...

You didn't leave me an email to reach you, so I hope you will see this reply. Two-part epoxy will work wonderfully. Measure carefully and let it dry and cure for several days before wearing.

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