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heART beats from other blogs!

Owl at Dusk necklace video tutorial Paper jewelry can be beautiful too! BeadLove - Coral Coast Challenge Reveal Social Media Doll Worm Hole Perfect in Peony necklace video tutorial This post contains some affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

Ruffled peyote stitch rope necklace - a tutorial

Here is my last beaded rope necklace for the summer!  I'm going to take a couple of weeks off to regroup for the Fall season.  It's been a really long, hot, and emotionally difficult summer for me, and I am deeply in need of some down time to just think and feel.  There are many ways to make a ruffled rope like this, but the way I prefer is probably the easiest!  On a long but manageable length of beading thread , string enough size 8/0 seed beads to be about 1 1/2 inch longer than the length you'd like the ruffled piece to be.  Remember that you will be adding cones, more beads, and a clasp when you choose the length.  For your first stitching row, do plain peyote stitch using the same color of size 8/0 beads. For your second stitching row, choose a different color of size 8/0 beads and add two beads in each stitch.  This will cause the rope to begin to twist.  For your last row, peyote stitch with size 11/0 seed beads , one between each pair of 8/0s from the

heART beats from other blogs!

My very favorite spiral - the Cellini spiral! BeadLove - Summer Romance Blog Hop Reveal Ideas for working with Silversilk Chain Fabulous new bead colors for Fall styles! This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

An indespiral bead rope necklace

More spirals, more beadweaving, more ropes!  Summer is almost over, and I am trying to fit in as many more ropes as possible.  I've been super-busy with other projects, so this one was probably the wrong one to choose, because it takes longer than some to achieve the length, and it also takes more time than some to get to the point where the alternating rows of stitching become automatic.  But I love it so very much that I couldn't resist :-) Aleta Ford Baker came up with the Indespiral and wrote about it in Bead&Button magazine back in October 2005.  "Inde" stands for increase-decrease, which is what allows the peyote stitching to end up with this awesome spiral.  It is also extremely stiff and can be used to form free-standing pieces, which is what inspired Aleta in the first place.  You can find her tutorial in her Etsy shop, Aleta Ford Baker Design ! Anyway, I stitched a long tube using two colors of size 11/0 round Czech seed beads , and th

heART beats from other blogs!

Crocheted bee necklace Floral hoop earrings! Fall Is Quickly Coming BeadLove - Darn Good Yarn kit design Allegory Gallery has a new podcast DIY yarn slap bracelets Business advice from the Other Side of the Counter This post contains an affiliate link: Beadaholique

heART beats from other blogs!

Bee Keeper necklace - a beadweaving video tutorial   (shown above) World Traveler charm bracelet with video tutorial   (shown above) Wedding Jewelry and Accessories   (shown above) Dolls Come and Go   (shown above) BeadLove - simple, fun bracelet   (shown above) Breakfast at Tiffany's earring design and a video tutorial (shown below) This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads

Purple pearl spiral rope necklace - a beadweaving tutorial

It seems like each week that goes by, I end up liking the rope I finished more than the week before!  This time I'd have to say I like them about the same amount.  The chenille stitch necklace is still way up there for me, but it has a more casual vibe, whereas the one I made this week is all set for glamour.  Not over-the-top white tails glamour, but still... You could easily change this one up to be more casual by subbing other beads for the pearls.  Feel free to change up the color too.  Here's the simple instructions: 1. Follow the instructions for the simple spiral stitch found at the link on my blog.  I used red size 6/0 seed beads for the core beads.  2. The first few inches were stitched as follows: pick up 2 size 11/0 seed beads , 1 4mm pearl , and 2 more size 11/0 seed beads.  Work each loop over 4 core beads.  For the thicker middle section, simply substitute a 6mm pearl and work the rest the same.  3. On each end, use the tail of the beading th

heART beats from other blogs!

Romantic Stroll earrings with video tutorial   (shown above) Make a flower pendant with paper quilling Textured resin for earrings or pendants Leather earrings from a cutting machine Montpellier stretch bracelet with video tutorial   (shown below) Quilt Delivery   (shown above) Tammy delivers her grandmother's finished quilt to her parents and enjoys some time with family in beautiful Cape Canaveral, Florida. How Do You Recycle?   (shown below) Do you recycle?  Terry Jeanette aka the Tappingflamingo shows some creations she has made from old guitar strings! This post contains affiliate links: Beadaholique and Jesse James Beads