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New bracelets coming

I made a small batch of glass beads the other day to use in some new bracelets and pendants. The bracelets page of my website has been looking kind of picked over. Hopefully sometime on Monday I'll be able to post some new ones :-) Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry

Carnival of the Creators #6

Rejoicing Nature Welcome to Carnival of the Creators #6! I'm going to start with just a simple list of arts-related blogs that I think you should be reading regularly. But hey, no pressure! Smithsonian Art Museum Artella News The Artful Manager Creating Passionate Users Art Biz Blog Art Marketing Secrets If you're not yet convinced that you should be spending time reading blogs regularly, here are a few specific blog posts to check out that I think might change your mind: How to be an expert The only thing standing between you-as-amateur and you-as-expert is dedication. All that talk about prodigies? We could all be prodigies (or nearly so) if we just put in the time and focused. At least that's what the brain guys are saying. Best of all--it's almost never too late. A fantastic marketing presentation , which paid off with a solo exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton MA for the artist. Art Marketing Secrets If you do have a website, does it reflect the work of a

"Floral Fantasy" finished

Floral Fantasy Lots of vintage lucite flowers, pearls, and glass beads on a mother-of-pearl backing ~ perfect for Spring! Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry , necklace

My magnifier came home!

After being shipped off to be photographed for a magazine article, this magnifier necklace has made its way home. Magnifier Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry , necklace

"Timeless Treasures"

"Timeless Treasures" Pins I just updated my "pins" page. So many of them had sold, it was looking kind of barren :-) Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry

Did you know...

...that there are 7 e-courses on jewelry that you can take, absolutely free??? Head on over to Tammy's list on and sign up today! Whaddaya got to lose? Technorati Tags: beads , jewelry

I'm going to try to pass :-)

For Irish, that is! I've been told that everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day, and I figure that with my hair, skin, and small nose, it just might work :-) This is what I'm wearing: My "Irish" Necklace For my husband, who is actually Irish, I'm cooking a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight. Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry , necklace

Game Fish

Larry Fuente's "Game Fish" Hi, I'm back from vacay. It wasn't the slightest bit relaxing, but I came home with hundreds of pictures for source material ~ both for my digital photography and collage work and for beading! Here's one that I have to share from our visits to some of the Smithsonian museums. It's *huge*!! This masterpiece of beading and assemblage is located in the Renwick Gallery, which is up off the mall, nearer to the White House. We were able to go to the Hirshorn in the morning, the Renwick in early afternoon, and then hit the Museum of Natural Science late afternoon after an energizing lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. The Swordfish was the best example of beading that I saw, even though I think most of the items are glued on rather than stitched. I know it's hard to see, but one of the rows of "scales" on the dorsal fin are Ken dolls and GI Joes...this thing is really really big.

Treasure pins

"Timeless Treasures" Pins Some of my pins are going to end up in a new jewelry projects book! I don't have a lot of them left after this Christmas...looks like I've got to make up a new batch! Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry

Flowered necklace, part 2

Here's the thing ~ I've got so many things going on right now that I'm not making the kind of progress that I'd like! Technorati Tags: wearable art , beads , jewelry , necklace