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COVID-19 update

Some of my friends - around the US and around the world - have probably wondered why I've stopped posting new work. Here's why: I run a food pantry and a weekly dinner for the food insecure, lonely, and marginalized people in my community. With the covid-19 crisis, my work there has increased a higher percentage than I can even figure out. I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing Stone Soup Kitchen Ministries . It has left no vacant brain space for making new art right now. As an introvert, I would have liked nothing better than to hunker down and just make things. But that wasn't in the cards.  I've been put in a uniquely privileged position to be able to do this, and I thank you all for understanding that it is the most important thing to me right now. Some day in the not TOO distant future, I hope to be able to create art again.