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Beaded rope necklaces: embellished right angle weave and Viking's double

Embellished right angle weave rope necklace I made a list a little while ago of the rope-style beaded necklaces that I stitched over the summer and early fall.  Looking at my archives, I realized that I had forgotten about two previously stitched styles: the right angle weave necklace shown above, and the Viking's double shown below.  I am adding them to the master list for the future! Viking's Double rope necklace Copyright 2010, 2018 Cyndi Lavin. All rights reserved. Not to be reprinted, resold, or redistributed for profit. May be printed out for personal use or distributed electronically provided that entire file, including this notice, remains intact.

A new beading project from Facet Jewelry Box

Here's a little peek at a piece of beadweaving that I just finished.  You can probably tell that it's right angle weave beadwork (RAW) and that it's a necklace.  It's not my design, and there's a reason that I'm not showing you the whole might want to make one yourself! I told you all about Facet Jewelry Box earlier this year.  It's a great subscription to have if you don't have a local bead shop, or if you just want additional projects to do each month.  The nicest part is that everything you need, with the exception of the tools, is included.  No more buying an entire hank of beads just so you can use a couple of them in a project!  The tools needed are all basic, so if you've been making jewelry for any length of time, you'll have all you need. This box came with a necklace and earrings set.  So far, I have finished the necklace...the earrings I've set aside for later this week when I'm in between other projects.  I

Review: Brightech magnifying lamps

There has been one not-so-wonderful thing about my worktable, for as long as I've had my studio.  Don't get me wrong...I am extremely grateful for having the space, with room for storage as well as work, and with a wonderful view.  But, my hinged clamp-on magnifying table lamp sometimes left me unhinged! Enter Brightech.  The good folks at  Brightech lamps  sent me a replacement for my terrible terrible lamp.  Not only is the design far superior - and yes, looks do matter! - but the function is also way way better.  The magnifying lens is large, clear, and perfectly balanced.  Unlike my old lamp, there is a cover (shown in the up position above) that protects your lens from dust while not in use.  All the springs and hinges are protected, which not only looks nicer, but also keeps your fingers out of danger.    I received a clamp-on magnifying model (shown above but in white) that is dimmable and also boasts 2 different lamp colors, shading warm or cool as you desire.

Garnet Skies chain necklace tutorial - part two

Part one of this tutorial was posted last Monday and covered the construction of the main body of the necklace.  Just to remind you, this post is sponsored by Solid Oak , from whom I have received the products in order to create this project for you.  5. Make two tassels on large round jump rings, using leftover links from the small-sized crystal chains. Also add one of the chain dangles from your findings pack, folding it in half.  Stagger the lengths as shown.  Attach the tassels to the outside of each of the jump rings from step 3 and close them. 6. Cut the neck chain in half.  You can shorten it if you wish, but I like to leave extra length to make it adjustable.  Add a lobster clasp from your findings pack to one end with a small oval jump ring. Add a dangle, if you'd like, to the other end.  This helps to give the piece a finished look.  I used a leftover link from the medium-sized ruby crystal chain and a few links from another of the chain dangles.  U

Garnet Skies chain necklace tutorial - part one

Garnet Skies Cyndi Lavin, 2018 I was contacted by the good people at Solid Oak Inc  to find out if I would like to have a look at their products.  They have multiple lines of jewelry making charms, kits, fibers, and metal components at very reasonable prices.  We decided that Solid Oak would sponsor a tutorial here on Beading Arts using their Estrella line of sparkly components.  I was psyched!  I've been looking at the colors and styles for Fall into Winter this year, and the multi-strand boho inspired look still seems to be going pretty strong, but with a slightly more sophisticated polish.  Jewelry makers can easily create that look using the Estrella line.  With the products listed below, I made the set shown above. These pieces can easily be altered to suit yourself by choosing the different colors of Estrella crystal chain and the different charms.  However, if you are a beginner jewelry maker and would like to follow along, I've listed all the numbers (exa