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Review: Brightech magnifying lamps

There has been one not-so-wonderful thing about my worktable, for as long as I've had my studio.  Don't get me wrong...I am extremely grateful for having the space, with room for storage as well as work, and with a wonderful view.  But, my hinged clamp-on magnifying table lamp sometimes left me unhinged!

Enter Brightech.  The good folks at Brightech lamps sent me a replacement for my terrible terrible lamp.  Not only is the design far superior - and yes, looks do matter! - but the function is also way way better.  The magnifying lens is large, clear, and perfectly balanced.  Unlike my old lamp, there is a cover (shown in the up position above) that protects your lens from dust while not in use.  All the springs and hinges are protected, which not only looks nicer, but also keeps your fingers out of danger.   

I received a clamp-on magnifying model (shown above but in white) that is dimmable and also boasts 2 different lamp colors, shading warm or cool as you desire.  I took a couple of pictures to show you the color variation.  Now, I know that the color you see on your screen may not exactly match mine, or match the color in real life, but you can still easily see that there is a difference: 

Depending upon your ambient light, the colors of your artwork, and the effect you want to achieve, this changeable shade could be very helpful!

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Robbie said…
This is and has always been a struggle for me...not having enough light or having to take off my glasses because I can't see (even with my bioficals!)..I am usually good during the day working in my studio but at night watching TV is where I have an issue. I'd have to rearrange my LR to have the lamp on the left side! HA Thanks for this post...something to consider...well, my BD is coming in January, right!
Cyndi L said…
The struggle is real :-) My lamp in the living room is on the wrong side for me, but we sit in a two-seater, and neither of us really want to switch!