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Free form crochet samples and tutorial links

Hyperbolic Scarf

It seems kind of funny to say that there are tutorials for how to do free form crochet!  After all, isn't the point that there is no pattern?  Yes, true, but I'm finding that it's really helpful to learn some of the fancy stitches, patterns, motifs, and techniques first, which will help you put together a more polished, lovely finished piece.  It's like free form still need to know how to do peyote stitch (for example) before you launch into making a decent looking finished piece!

So, here are some of my samples and the tutorials that I used to teach myself how to do them.  You can find much much more on my Pinterest board, Crochet.

If you haven't crocheted much (or at all) before, I highly recommend Theresa Warrior's series of video tutorials.

Magic loop (not shown)

Free form spiral
I stitched into the back half of each chain and added a single crochet row to the spiral to emphasize it.

Nautilus shell
I didn't follow the instructions exactly, because I wanted to learn how to make bullion stitches...  Here's another good tutorial for the bullion stitch.

Free form hyperbolic scrumble
I stitched into the back half of each previous row, and added more rows of single crochet and reverse single crochet (aka crab stitch) to this form.

Crab stitch or reverse single crochet (shown on samples above and below)

Spiral flower petals
Again, you'll need to know the crab stitch

Next week I'll show you some of the pieces I made and share the links to the tutorials, including the cool scarf at the top of the post!

Part one
Part two
Part three

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