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Tis the season to go shopping!


I can't stand shopping in most stores.  There, I've said it.  Black Friday is just not my thing.  Granted, there are some Mom and Pop stores around here that I love to patronize, helping in my small way to keep them in business.  But as for the malls, the chain stores, etc...yuck!

So I put together a Jewelry gift ideas board on Pinterest, both for myself and for you.  I'm sure that there are at least a few mass-produced items that slipped through, but I'll be removing them as I go.  Many are linked to different Etsy sellers, and while some may be out of date and no longer available, my thinking is that if you like the seller's style, surely you can find something else similar in their shop.

There are also lots of good ideas on the board for you to make yourself for your friends, family, and self.  And I included a few books which cover fast and easy-to-make projects.  The books make good gifts too, come to think f it!  And don't forget about my Jewelry making tutorials board or about the Tutorials tab at the top of the Beading Arts blog either!