Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another piece will be home soon

Another how-to article that I wrote for Jewelry Crafts is now being scheduled, and the piece should be coming home soon! This is a crocheted necklace, with pearls, seed beads, and other rosy-pink beads. As soon as it arrives, I'll place it on my website.

It's funny ~ I've been very productive the last few months, but you almost wouldn't know it, because so many of the pieces have been going out for articles. There's such a lag-time with publishing, so that during these months, I haven't had any large pieces to add to the site :-)

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Tammy said...

Yup, that's the way it goes. Make the jewelry, then write it up, then mail it off, and kiss it good by for many, many months.

Cyndi L said...

LOL! Yeah, but it's only a problem in the beginning...after that, the old pieces start to find their way back home so that at least there's something new to report!

love_to_be_fit said...

This is an amazing peice of handmade jewelry.
Ialso started listing on etsy for my jewelry and some of them from other people
here is the link:

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