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A long weekend away

Once more, a small handful of crazy adults and a not-so-small handful of even crazier teens will be leaving the frozen northeast to travel to Ocean City Maryland, where it's not quite so frozen. But it's not exactly warm either!

We're going to Winterfest, our annual youth conference. My daughter is coming home from college tonight to go as well, as a chaperone. Her second year in this position :-)

When I get back, early next week, I expect to be making a HUGE announcement! Stay tuned...


Betzie said…
Have a great time Cyndi!!!! You will be 30 minutes from where I live in Salisbury!
Today I take my son down there for his piano lesson. We may hit the boardwalk afterwards. Always fun to go to O.C.!
Cyndi L said…
Oh cool! Too bad I'll be so sleep deprived and wound up that I won't be able to enjoy any additional activities ;-)
Anonymous said…
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