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How to peyote stitch a beaded bead

To make a peyote beaded bead without worrying about tension, use a lightweight resin bead as the core. I chose a pretty light purple resin bead in a drum shape, and used crystal aurora borealis size 8/0 beads so that the color of the resin would show through. It’s hard to see the pattern that I’m using on the bead above, so I made a sample bead with higher contrast so that you can see if your pattern is working up properly:

Here are the steps:

1. Pick up 1 size 8/0 seed bead and 2 size 11/0 delicas, five times. Pass the thread through all the beads again and tie a knot so that you have a tight circle of beads.

2. Pick up 1 size 8/0 and 2 size 11/0s, and pass the needle and thread through the 2 size 11/0s of the previous row. Continue, allowing the bead to spiral until it is as tall as desired. Slip the resin bead in at any point.

3. Tighten down the last row by adding only a size 8/0 and passing through the 2 size 11/0s of the previous row five times. pass through all the beads in that last row again and pull snug.

4. Work the thread back down to the bottom to tie off with the other end.

String ‘em up as you please!

Note: Here is a tutorial where I show how to string them up like this

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Allie D. said…
It's helpful that you give exact counts of the seed beads, but unless I'm missing something, I'm not sure what size the "core" bead ought to be. Anybody know this one?
Cyndi L said…
Well that's a darned good question! Sorry that I forgot to put that in the instructions :-)

The drum beads that I used for the core are 10 mm across. They are a tiny bit taller than they are wide, but the size actually varies a bit since they are cottage industry beads from overseas. I got them from Rings & Things.
Mary Roan said…
Thanks for sharing... I wished i had discovered how much fun beading when I was younger. I knew how to peyote stitch decades ago but I had other interests at the time and nowadays am loving it. I still need to learn other techniques. Thanks again!
Cyndi L said…
Lots to learn about beading, that's for sure! I'm glad you found it, Mary :-)