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Using a bead frame in a necklace


For a long time, I have been hoarding some broken strands of beads and some loose crystals that I received when my husband’s beloved grandmother passed away. A few weeks ago, sent me a gorgeous Victorian Trellis Bead Frame to try out, and the match became obvious in my mind. I really wanted whatever project I did with Grandma’s beads to honor the simple classic style that she favored, and the exquisite details and old-fashioned charm of the bead frame was the answer to using her beads properly.

I’ve included my exact bead count below, so if you want to follow my pattern you can. But I would encourage you to simply take the general idea and make your own necklace that honors some of your own special beads!

Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Alligator clip
Measuring tape

Sterling Silver Victorian Trellis Bead Frame, crystal (SS-BDFR16,
2 Bali silver beads, 8mm
24" SoftFlex, fine (.014" diameter)
Pendant slide
2 crimps
2 crimp covers
3 head pins
Jump ring
4" silver wire, 22 gauge
36 silver rounds, 2.5mm
8 facetted crystal ab discs, 8x4mm
32 opalized rounds, 4mm
6 amber rondelles, 9mm
18 amber rounds, 6mm
2 amber rounds, 3mm
10 vintage glass pearls for necklace strand, 8mm
4 assorted vintage glass pearls and crystals for pendant, 8mm

1. Slide a 4 inch piece of wire through the bead frame and a featured bead. Add a 2mm silver round on each end and turn a wrapped loop. At the top, turn the loop around the loop in the pendant slide.

2. Place several beads on head pins (I used 3). Turn a wrapped loop at each top, 2 of them around the bottom loop of the bead frame wire from step 1. Attach the 3rd beaded dangle to a jump ring, and attach that to the bottom loop of the bead frame.

3. Cut your beading wire to the desired length, and use a crimp and crimp cover to attach one end to half of your clasp. String the first half of your necklace. You can follow the pattern I used exactly if you wish, sandwiching each amber cluster and the Bali silver beads between 2mm silver rounds. Place another silver round at the end and add the pendant slide with the pendant.

4. Repeat the pattern you've chosen in reverse up the second half of the necklace. End with a crimp bead and crimp cover attached to the other half of the clasp.
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