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Artist profiles - part one

Earrings by Wendy Van Camp

Starting back in 2007, I began to post profiles of artists whose work I especially admired. I figured that the best way to keep those wonderful profiles from vanishing into obscurity would be to index them here and remind folks that they are out there. So, here's the first batch! I'm going to post them chronologically, about five at a time so that you won't get overwhelmed by the sheer volume...there are 38 of them so far, and there will be more!

If you'd like to be a featured artist, please let me know. You can email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces), and I'll be glad to talk with you. Please don't hesitate because you're a beginner either...not all the folks you're going to see profiled here are "professionals", whatever that means!

Wendy Van Camp

Kelly Alvarez Mace

Amy E Fraser

Penny Purdie

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