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Making pleated silk shibori ribbon flowers - part two

This week, I want to take some of the individual pieces (petals and leaves) that we looked at last week, and show you a couple of ways to use them together in a finished flower.  And very very soon (I promise), I'll be posting a tutorial for the flowered necklace I made several months ago.

Wild Rose

1. Make 5 petals according to the instructions given last week for single petals.  Make each one from a piece of ribbon that is 1 1/2" long.  Cut a small circle of interfacing and stitch each petal to it.

2. Here are all the petals, slightly overlapped, with a small space left open in the middle.

3. Stitch one or more large beads to the center.  I cut a small hole in the center of the interfacing so that the center bead could be suspended.

4. Optional, but nice: add wired stamens.  These are double-tipped, so I bent them in half and inserted them through the hole in the interfacing.

5. I stitched the stamens down to the interfacing in the back so they wouldn't shift around.  It's messy, but no worries; the back will be covered in the project I'll be showing you in a few weeks!


1. Make 2 light-colored petals, each with about 1 1/4" of ribbon.  Don't gather them tightly at the bottom, but stitch them to a small piece of interfacing as shown.

2. Make 2 dark-colored petals the same size, and stitch them on below the first set.  Insert a wired stamen between these petals.

3. Stitch 1 dark-colored petal that is slightly bigger, about 1 1/2" and stitch it on in the center-bottom of the flower.  I used a permanent marker to color the stamens yellow.

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Robbie said…
I've bookmarked this 2nd installation!!! Hope to get some silk ribbon...these would be perfect on Christmas packages!
Cyndi L said…
Oooo...what a great idea, Robbie! Then stick a pin in it and wear it :-)
These are absolutely gorgeous, Cyndi.
Weeping Siren said…
Someone mentioned this is the 2nd installment, where can I find the 1st please?
Cyndi L said…
Hi Weeping Siren! The first link in the first paragraph is to "part one", where I simply show how to make the individual parts. Thanks for visiting :-)
textile sister said…
Thanks to teach in such an easy way.