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Book review: The Big Book of Mod Podge

Did you know that Mod Podge has been around since 1967???  I had no idea.  It was invented by Jan Wetstone, who has since passed away, but the legacy lives on, and now with more formulas and finishes to choose from than ever before.  Lark has a brand new book out, honoring and demystifying this amazing material: The Big Book of Mod Podge.

I have done projects with my granddaughter that used Mod Podge as an adhesive and sealer, but this book opened up worlds of ideas that I had never thought of before.  Including jewelry, of course!  Altogether, there are over 90 projects, by a boatload of designers whose names you will recognize.  Just take a look at a few of my favorites from this book:

This is a fabulously fun brooch from Candie Cooper!

And these are cuff bracelets made by Mark Montano!  Did you ever think about using Mod Podge for your jewelry projects...?

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Robbie said…
I must have one of those containers from 1967! It's hard as a rock! I had to ck when I saw your post! So funny...will look up that book..hard to keep a 12 and 15 year old busy on grandma day!!
Cyndi L said…
Soooo funny you said that! I found an old container too...of course, I had also bought a *new* container in the meantime. Sometime I've got to set aside the time to purge my studio :-)