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Book review: Modern Beaded Lace

As a lacemaker, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel realized one day that a bead could be a stand-in for a knot of lace.  Since she was also a beader, this became the start of something seriously lacy!  Rather than forcing beads into traditional lace stitches though, Cynthia figured out how to use traditional beadweaving stitches and let the results resemble lace.  This is really good news for those of us who enjoy beadweaving but have never dabbled in lacemaking.  Modern Beaded Lace is an intermediate skill level book, and you really need to be familiar the beadweaving, or be willing to spend some time working on the stitches, which have excellent illustrations.

Cynthia introduces us to the basic vocabulary, including the three main elements of lace -- figures, cordonnets, and ground -- and she promises that each project uses one or more of these elements in its design.  She also includes a primer of types of lace (think Hardanger, bobbin, tatting, etc) and each project tells you which lace inspired it.

Before you launch into the projects, Cynthia takes you through what beadweaving stitches are used for the different elements of lace, and she refreshes you on how to do the stitches.  This includes fringe, ladder, herringbone, netting, peyote, RAW, Russian snake, and square stitch.  And Cyndithia also discusses her actual design process for those who want to step out and create their own designs.

Looking through the projects, you can easily see how motifs from, for example, a necklace, would make a nice pair of earrings.  The design possibilities will take you far beyond the projects in this book if you desire to follow the lacy path!  Published by Interweave.