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Amethyst tree necklace tutorial - part two

Last week, I showed you how I decided to trap this unusually shaped slab in a wire cage in order to add it to a bead embroidered necklace.  Starting where we left off...

8. I trimmed the foundation fabric close to the outside edge of stack stitched beads, and removed the guide thread.

9. Since this is a heavy piece, I decided to add another piece of interfacing (see step 3), this time to the entire piece.  I chose Lutradur, because it is extremely strong even though it is quite thin.

10. After cutting a backing piece of fabric, I used edging brick stitch to cover the raw edges all the way around.

11. Around the sides and the top, I added a simple stack stitch to each edging bead.

12. Near the bottom, I added heavier beads and stitched the stacks longer so that they became fringe.

13. I tested the piece for balance and chose two spots on the sides near the top where I wanted the necklace strands to attach.  At those points, I stitched two square stitch bails.

14.  Here is the finished centerpiece.

Next week, please join me for Part Three - the straps, and check out Part One - the design if you missed it!

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Just curious, Cyndi. What are the dimensions of this amethyst pendant and what does it weigh (even with the lightweight Lutradur)? You mention straps, which makes me think some special construction will be needed to wear it.
Cyndi L said…
Ahhh...nothing special needed really. You'll see, they're just ordinary straps, but attached in two spots rather than just one central bail. It's heavy, but not as much has you might think. The whole piece is about 5 inches across.