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Bored By Back Stitch e-book has been relaunched!

Bored By Back Stitch has been re-launched as a single e-book rather than as three independent chapters.  Written over the course of two years, this is the work that probably moved my bead embroidery work along the furthest in terms of innovative combinations of stitches.  It's also the work of which I am probably most proud :-)

Bored By Back Stitch begins with twelve different motifs, stitched from what are usually regarded as beadweaving stitches rather than embroidery stitches.  From there we move into combining these stitches into ever-increasingly complex patterns, and we end with wonderful new materials that add surface interest to your bead embroidered pieces.

More information on this 298 page e-book can be found at the link above.  Information on all of my e-books is located at this link.