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Purple pearl spiral rope necklace - a beadweaving tutorial

It seems like each week that goes by, I end up liking the rope I finished more than the week before!  This time I'd have to say I like them about the same amount.  The chenille stitch necklace is still way up there for me, but it has a more casual vibe, whereas the one I made this week is all set for glamour.  Not over-the-top white tails glamour, but still...

You could easily change this one up to be more casual by subbing other beads for the pearls.  Feel free to change up the color too.  Here's the simple instructions:

1. Follow the instructions for the simple spiral stitch found at the link on my blog.  I used red size 6/0 seed beads for the core beads. 

2. The first few inches were stitched as follows: pick up 2 size 11/0 seed beads, 1 4mm pearl, and 2 more size 11/0 seed beads.  Work each loop over 4 core beads.  For the thicker middle section, simply substitute a 6mm pearl and work the rest the same. 

3. On each end, use the tail of the beading thread to stitch a loop of between 5 - 7 size 11/0 seed beads.  Use the instructions found on my herringbone necklace tutorial to finish the ends with a wire and cone

4. Add a clasp to one side and a chain, if necessary, to the other.  I needed to add the chain to this necklace, even though I haven't to the others in this series.  I like having the flexibility to change the length, but more importantly this time, I didn't have enough pearls to finish a longer rope!

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Ann Schroeder said…
This necklace is beautiful! I love it jus the way you've made it, but I see how it can be versatile too.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Ann! Such a simple stitch, so many colors, and so little time!!!