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Gifts for my grands!

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to be blessed to be able to be with my grand-girls for Christmas!  Since they don't read blogs, I feel safe in showing you some things I've made for them  :-)

Here are instructional links to the stitches that I used.  I didn't make any of these things exactly as in the tutorials, but rather I used the ideas and recombined them to suit myself. 

Fingerless gloves (except I did the tops with V stitch and crocodile scales...and smaller!)

V stitch - used for both gloves and hat

Crocodile stitch

Hat pattern - I made mine smaller, added crocodile stitches, and left the top open for a long ponytail!

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Robbie said…
OM these!!!! I have some leftover yarn...might be a good project (since I finished my last knitting project and sewing supplies are packed up!)...thanks! Just adorable!!!
Robbie said…
Well,'s crochet! Not in my basket! HA I only knit! HA
Cyndi L said…
Oh, I'm sorry! But look what I found...the knit version of the stitch!
Genevieve said…
Beautiful! I love the jewel tones. And I really need to learn the crocodile stitch, thanks for the link! Happy Holidays!
Cyndi L said…
Definitely check out the's really easy once you see how it's done!
It warms my heart to see such creations as I am not a Knitter neither do I crochet but my Mother makes delightful things with wool. These will be a welcomed gift the Grandchildren will cherish on cold days their hand knitted makes from Nanna. Thank you so much for sharing.
If I do not get chance may I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and all the best in 2019.
Creative wishes Tracey x
P.S Enjoy your Family time.