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Seahorse bead embroidered pendant


My most recent pendant features a seashore-themed focal piece by Sheri Mallery, pearls, rhinestone cup chain, and some raku beads by Amy Mealey.  This one will be heading for the local gallery unless someone reading here wants to reserve it.  Leave me a will stay private.

I wanted some more texture with this piece, so I added some branching fringe to a few areas along with some pearls, and some tendrils at the bottom done in spiral square stitch. 

There are step-by-step instructions for spiral square stitch in Chapter 3 ("Dimensional Beading") of my e-book Every Bead Has a Story

Further instruction on making bead embroidered pieces can be found in Every Bead Has a Story, where the first chapter, with all the basic stitches, is free to download.

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