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Green floral pendant with butterfly bail

Available!  Leave me a comment

Once more, I've turned to my favorite metal clay artist, Jennifer West of Off the Grid Designs.  Jen made both the focal and the charm, which feature dandelion fluff.  I used one of the beadwoven butterfly bails that I stitched on vacation for this piece.


Further instruction on making bead embroidered pieces can be found in Every Bead Has a Story, where the first chapter is free to download.

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A beautiful piece again Cyndi, the greens again the metal clay beads gives a stunning vinatge effect. I did smile at your words *Dandelion Fluff* reminds me of my childhood and watching those seed heads dance in the breeze when gently blown. Creative wishes Tracey x
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Tracey! That's exactly why I fell in love with this focal...Jen uses the real plants to mold her designs, and I had visions of blowing on dandelions as a child, making wishes, and watching them sail off <3