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A bead embroidered floral donut pendant

Available!  Leave me a comment

Just last week I finished and posted a pendant using one of Yvonne Irvin-Faus's quirky fun pieces.  Seems I'm on a roll!  For this one, I decided to go more elaborate with the bail, stitching up a butterfly bail.  They are waaay easier to make than they look.  In fact, when I was on vacation last summer, I stitched up a whole bunch of these. 

Which leads me to an idea.

If you are stuck inside right now, especially if you can't get the exact materials you'd like in order to start/continue/finish a project, or if you are finding your creativity waning because of stress, try this.  Pick an easy small project like bails and make a bunch of them in various colors.  It doesn't have to be bails.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  It doesn't have to be something for a specific project.  JUST MAKE SOMETHING...ANYTHING!  The act of making, of moving your hands, will open your mind and unblock your creativity.  I promise.  I've seen it work hundreds of times. 
As always, if you are interested in getting started with bead embroidery, I invite you to download a free copy of my e-book's first chapter, Every Bead Has a Story.  If other forms of beading interest you, please check out the Tutorials tab at the top of the blog.  It's a good time to plan and try out a new art form!

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