Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring Crocus - for sale

Spring Crocus 
Agate, glass, wire, and wood

Spring Crocus adjusts from 20 to 25 inches with a clasp and chain that has a floral pattern.  There are Swarovski crystals in a sparkling lime punch color.  Altogether, these are the perfect colors for Spring!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Upcycled, recycled, and refashioned fashions!

I am collecting pictures and tutorials about all the different ways you can get more use out of your clothing, jewelry, and thrift store finds!  I have always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together in new ways, and I would bet that lots of you do too!  Visit my Upcycled fashions Pinterest board and get inspired for Spring :-)

Monday, March 12, 2018

A large beaded bead for Spring!

I found this pretty beaded bead that I made two years ago, but it looks just perfect for the Spring palette, so I wanted to bring it to your attention again.  It uses a combo of RAW and peyote stitch, or netting, whichever you like best.  With long-chained pendants still popular this Spring, I thought it was worth digging out again, and maybe I'll make a couple more in different colorways!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Turquoise and sterling silver necklace - for sale

Turquoise, glass, sterling silver

This is an adjustable necklace which slips over your head and then tightens all the way down to 16 inches, if that's your style! The turquoise stone donut pendant is complimented by the glass beads, sterling silver wire and beads, and black cording.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Handmade jewelry inspirations!

I have a Pinterest board called Handmade Jewelry Inspirations.  The pieces are not arranged in any fashion other than by the date I saw and pinned them.  I've opened this board and simply let the images wash over me several times when I've been trying to decide what direction to go. 

I don't ever recommend copying pieces directly, especially if there is no tutorial or permission being given, but instead, just let these designs inspire you and fill your well.  After the long winter we've been having, I know my well needs to be filled!

Monday, March 05, 2018

Two beading projects from Facet Jewelry Box

I told you about Facet Jewelry Box back in November.  It launched in January, and they sent me two boxes.  However...

However, I ended up sick for about six weeks this winter, so I am just now getting around to doing new projects.  What a winter, huh?

So here's the first box and what I made from it!

It came with two projects: the really cute necklace and the briolette earrings.  I liked that all the materials came packed together in zip-locs that had the project name right on them.  I don't know about your work table, but mine is...messy is a kind word for it.  I made the necklace first, and I really liked that there were a few extra head pins in case of goofs.  That's easy enough to do when your're learning.  The instructions were easy to follow, and there is additional help online if you need it.  The instructions also include tips as to why the project works, which is helpful if you decide you want to make another using other materials.

I was not as thrilled with the earrings, but mostly because of style.  I'm just not a fan of the messy-wrap look, although I know it's popular enough.  I was also a little put off by the wire being sent wrapped on a small piece of cardboard instead of a small spool.  It had kinks in it, and I'm sure most beginners don't have a pair of nylon jawed pliers to straighten it.  The kinks aren't terribly noticeable, I don't think, but that was still a little disappointing.  

If you don't have a local bead shop, or you just want additional projects to do each month, head over to Facet Jewelry Box and subscribe!

As regards FTC disclosure guidelines: I have received the above materials free of charge from Facet Jewelry Box in order to write a review. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.

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