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I am so unhappy ~ I've got some new pictures to post, and my computer won't talk to my camera!! I've tried reinstalling the camera software, but so far I'm getting nowhere. And my computer genius/geek son is still in Guatemala.

In fact, that's an interesting story in itself. He emailed last night and said that he wanted to stay longer. The original plan was for 6 weeks, but now he wants to extend it to 9 weeks so that he'll basically make it back just in time to start his sophomore year of college in the fall. Here's the irony: this is the boy who hated school, couldn't be bothered to do his homework, and (tells us) he doesn't like little kids. So what's he doing? He's the schoolmaster in an orphanage.

God is not without a finely developed sense of irony!

Here's a picture of Nate at the airport.