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I'm curious about something

Well, lots of somethings actually! But what's on my mind today is the issue of how many projects people have going at one time. I was raised to finish one thing before I started another, so it took awhile for me to transition into my current mode ~ which is having three to four pieces in progress at any one time. More than that, and I get overwhelmed. Fewer, and I don't feel like working on the one!

So, even though I've got this huge honking ammonite necklace thing in progress, and I've got a small mixed media art quilt underway, yesterday seemed like the perfect time to experiment with a little sunprinting. I had two nice scraps of muslin that were just begging to be used.

Now I'm not really sure if they'll end up as backgrounds for necklaces or for wall art, but they were really fun!

Do you know what's the optimal number of projects for you to have going at once?

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Derek Andrews said…
Hi Cyndi

I often have pieces of wood lying around for months or even years that I have partially turned and am waiting for further inspiration. Or I have part of a project complete, but waiting for a special piece of wood to make another component.
Cyndi L said…
Hey Derek!
Sometimes I'll leave a project lying around for so long that it becomes a permanent UFO (unfinished object). I don't usually throw anything out though, because it seems that as soon as I do, it's just what I needed. You know, the same rule as for household appliances and tools!

Anonymous said…
I'm kind of like you in that I don't like to have tons of unfinished projects. It just makes me feel too stressed. I usually have 2 or 3 things going on, but if have more than that, it's just too much for me.
Cyndi L said…
Another thing I've found, Tammy, is that there is a certain optimal time-frame as well as optimal number of projects. If something sits around for too long, I'm likely to totally lose interest. I'm only refering to projects that are "in the works" though. Just like Derek, I can have raw materials sitting around for a long time...just waiting for the perfect item to go with it.