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Would you spend $5 to help this cute face?

Baylie's webpage

Inspired by Lance Armstrong's fundraising efforts, young Baylie began to make bracelets to raise money to help fund research on the very rare and incurable (so far) brain disorder that afflicts her. My dear friend Bill lost his young son to brain tumors last year (August 6 ~ I miss you Maty B), and although it's not the same disease, I can't think of a better way to honor Mat's memory than to support research into Baylie's illness.

Join me?

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Anonymous said…
I just ordered my bracelet today! And, I plan to blog about this sweet little girl too. Thanks for the heads up on her situation.
Cyndi L said…
I noticed that when I placed my order they were cautioning us that it could take quite a while to fill. Seems that the recent publicity from a newspaper article has caused a deluge of orders. That's not to say don't order! Just that we'll have to be patient :-)