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Handmade beaded necklace with a floral medallion

It's finished it's finished it's finished!!

Now it just needs a name...and all suggestions are welcome!

You know how pathetic I am at thinking up names for my pieces, so once more I'm asking for help! My friend Amy's floral medallion should figure prominently in the name, I'm thinking. There's freeform peyote stitch on a hammered silver armature, and the accompanying necklace strap has a toggle closure so that it can be worn without the centerpiece as well.

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Anonymous said…
Wow Cyndi!

I love it!

I’ll put some thought into names, but right now I am too amazed by your talent to think.

I’m speechless! Beautiful work!

Another fascinating creation!

Your imagination is limitless!

Yay Cyndi!
Anonymous said…
Great job, Cyndi! The medallion blends so nicely with the beadwork you did.

Cyndi L said…
Thanks Leah! That's because Amy had samples of the seed beads that I was using, and she did a brilliant job of blending them all together :-)