Monday, December 03, 2007

Seed bead suppliers

My favorite on-line sources…
Delicas and other Japanese seed beads in all sizes, fancy shapes
Empyrean Beads
Many antique and vintage seed beads
Seed beads with dichroic coating ~ fantastic!
Great selection of Japanese seed beads with quantity discounts.

…and my favorite catalogs
Rings and Things
A huge selection of larger seed beads and mixtures

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Suzie said...

Hi! I need some advice please. I have an online bead shop. I would like to carry seed beads. What beads and sizes and shapes would be good to start with. Are there more popular colors? Thank you so much! I love reading your articles! Suzie From Suzie's Treasure too

Cyndi L said...

I would say 11/0s and 8/0s are the most popular, and then add 15/0s and maybe 6/0s. Both cylinder beads like Delicas and donut beads like Czech have their following and uses, cylinders for weaving and donuts for embroidery.

Suanough said...

OH, YES!!! Those are the ones! WhimBeads have bunches and bunches in all colors and sizes... I'm so stoked I don't know what to buy first... : )

Thanks so much for the help, I'm hooked on you and your site...

Big Hugs,

Sarah Sequins said...

I love Whimbeads -- they're my top choice for seed beads.

Beyond Beadery is another great place. They even let you know which colors are dyed/may not be colorfast.

Cyndi L said...

I will add them to an updated list!

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