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Seed bead suppliers

My favorite on-line sources…
Delicas and other Japanese seed beads in all sizes, fancy shapes
Empyrean Beads
Many antique and vintage seed beads
Seed beads with dichroic coating ~ fantastic!
Great selection of Japanese seed beads with quantity discounts.

…and my favorite catalogs
Rings and Things
A huge selection of larger seed beads and mixtures

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Suzie said…
Hi! I need some advice please. I have an online bead shop. I would like to carry seed beads. What beads and sizes and shapes would be good to start with. Are there more popular colors? Thank you so much! I love reading your articles! Suzie From Suzie's Treasure too
Cyndi L said…
I would say 11/0s and 8/0s are the most popular, and then add 15/0s and maybe 6/0s. Both cylinder beads like Delicas and donut beads like Czech have their following and uses, cylinders for weaving and donuts for embroidery.
Sarah Sequins said…
I love Whimbeads -- they're my top choice for seed beads.

Beyond Beadery is another great place. They even let you know which colors are dyed/may not be colorfast.
Cyndi L said…
I will add them to an updated list!