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How to make a beaded assemblage

When you’re going to embroider a piece of fabric and then glue it onto a structure, use either ultra-suede or buckram as the foundation, depending upon how heavy the beads and bits are going to be. Here’s how I made this little piece:

1. Create a cabochon by pouring resin over an image inside a bottle cap.

2. Trace around a wood disc onto a piece of ultra-suede.

3. When the cabochon is set, glue it to ultra-suede and bead around it until you’ve reached the borderline. Clip the foundation close to the stitching and add an edging row or two.

4. Drill a hole the same size as your dowel into a print block. Make it about 3/4 inch deep. Drill a groove into the back of the disc on the flat side to cradle the dowel.

5. Use wood glue to glue all pieces together. Glue the beadwork onto the front (dome) side of the disc.


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