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Online color training and tools

Color is important to every artist, but as a bead or jewelry artist, you probably haven’t been classically trained like a painter would be. Not to fear! There are a plethora of wonderful online sources to help you learn the terminology on your own and to teach you how to train your eye. Here are some of the best:

Informational Articles on Color:
The Color Wheel and Itten’s Color Theory
Brown University’s Color Theory Course
Margie Deeb’s Color Articles
Online Graphic Design
Best Books on Color

Color Scheme Tools:
Tool is designed primarily for web designers but useful for anyone. 
A fun to use tool with sliders.
Daily Color Scheme
For a bit of serendipity!
An entire community just for color lovers.
Color Picker from Adobe
Pick your own or examine what others have done.
Color Schemer Online
Picks a group of colors that compliment your original color choice.
Creates a color palette from any image that you feed into it.
Eni Oken’s color scheme software
You can download her software free!
Big Huge Labs
Run your image through the palette generator to get html swatches

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