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Making a ribbon cuff bracelet

Materials and Tools

Silk ribbon, 36 inches or more
Bracelet blank
Ultrasuede or similar material
Thin cotton batting
Size 8/0 beads
Beading thread
Fabric glue
Alligator clips
Beading needle

1 Cut a piece of thin batting to fit the top of the bracelet blank. Glue it in place with a few drops.

2 Cut ultra-suede just a tiny bit bigger than the bracelet cuff, both top and bottom. Glue the two pieces in place and trim even if needed.

3 Wrap your ribbon around the blank, making sure each wrap overlaps the last slightly. If the ribbon is a little too short to do the entire bracelet, like mine was, leave a bit on each end unwrapped.

4 Turn the ribbon ends under and attach with a dot of glue. Hold in place with alligator clips until dry.

5 Bead along the edges of the cuff, and along the end of the ribbon if that applies.


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