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Book review: Felt, Fabric, and Fiber Jewelry

I was trying to figure out how to explain the way I feel about Sherri Haab, and this write-up on Amazon caught my eye:

Sherri Haab knows jewelry. Sherri Haab knows fiber and fabric. Sherri Haab knows crafting. Is there anything Sherri Haab can’t do? Frankly, no. She’s the Superwoman of crafting books!

That’s it in a nutshell! I have drooled over Sherri’s resin jewelry and her work in metal clay, and now she throws me this curveball by working in soft maleable materials that I just didn’t expect. Some of the pieces in this book are elegant, some are funky and whimsical, but all of them are pure Sherri-creativity!

Sherri covers basic techniques in knotting, embroidery, simple stitching, crochet, and even quilting, all in the quest to come up with original fabric jewelry pieces. This is a beginner book, so if you’ve already got a lot of fabric skills, it may not be challenging enough for you. But if you’re looking forward to adding fabrics and fibers to your repertoire, it may be just the book you were looking for :-)

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