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How to make silver clay leaves

These leaves are really easy to make, but take quite a bit of time. Plan to do them when you've got other projects going on so that you don't have to sit around waiting for the silver to dry. Choose fresh leaves with deep veins: you're going to be applying the paste to the bottom of the leaves, so you want the underside to be textured, but not "fuzzy" the way some leaves can be. Smooth, but bumpy, is good!

  1. Dilute a small amount of silver clay paste and brush it carefully onto the leaves. Allow to dry. Apply a few more coats of the diluted paste, drying between each layer.

  2. Switch to non-diluted paste, and apply around 10 layers altogether.

  3. Let the leaves dry overnight.

  4. Fire them according to the directions in a kiln. (Note: the low-fire clay can be done in a hot pot instead. Also, some folks prefer to use a torch, but I like the even results of the kiln)

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Anonymous said…
These leaves are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks.
Cyndi L said…
You're welcome! Thanks for visiting :-)
midge said…
I'm wondering if you could do the same with ferns.

I've not tried metal clay yet. I'm afraid to go there as I've no more space for things in my studio! haha

Cyndi L said…
I've used ferns and imprinted them in a thin slab of metal clay, but I haven't tried the painting-it-on method. Ferns are very "hairy", and I'm not sure whether that would interfere, but sounds worth a try!