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Book review: Chain Style

Here is a book that I can whole-heartedly recommend to beginners who want to make great looking jewelry, and want it FAST!

There's nothing like adding chain to your design, or even designing an entire piece around chain, to make the design work up quickly. Chain is an excellent material for both beginners and those with advanced skills, because the complexity of your projects is only limited by experience and imagination.

The techniques and materials section is minimal but sufficient. Largely this is because the projects are all so accessible. There are 50 designs to inspire you, many created by designers whose names you will know. This gives a wide variety of styles, and I'm sure you'll find some that catch your eye no matter how experienced you are.

Using chain is also a wonderful way to stretch your beading budget. A few special beads connected together with chain will make a fabulous necklace that won't break the bank!

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ClickNCamera said…
Sounds like a winner...I must take a look at this book! Thanks for sharing as I haven't seen it before and I love the look of chains.
Cyndi L said…
Looks like you're having a great time making and using wire links, so this book would be a natural for you :-)
Anonymous said…
I also loved this book! In fact, I liked the little clay houses so much I bought some off the artist's Etsy site!