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Book review: Enchanted Adornments

Cynthia Thornton, jewelry artist and storyteller, has combined her love of both to produce a book which is the portal to a magical journey. Filled with techniques she developed in the Green Girl Studios, Cynthia introduces you to characters that each need a special piece of jewelry, for a very special reason. You'll find yourself getting just as caught up in the narrative as you do in the projects, wondering how it is all going to end!

The book begins with a wonderful technique section, where readers are taken step by step through creating mixed-media jewelry with resin, PMC, polymer clay, and wire. You'll learn Cynthia's signature techniques for mold-making and stone setting as well.

The projects range in complexity from beginner to advanced. Even the more difficult or time-consuming projects can easily be scaled down to the reader's ability level. The directions are step by step, and it's easy to see where substitutions could be made. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is looking into how to put more meaning into your pieces!

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Andrew Thornton said…
What a lovely review! I'm very proud of my sister and the book that resulted. It was very much a labor of love and I think it's evident in the book.

I think one of the great things about the book is that Cynthia encourages the reader not to just duplicate the pieces, but to use them as a spring-board for their own ideas and inspirations.

Like you said in your review, each project is easily adapted to the needs and desires of the reader.

I'm SO happy to see it finally. Months of work finally crystalize to create what I think is a masterpiece that belongs in every jewelry-maker's library!
Cyndi L said…
I'm so proud of her too, Andrew, and of YOU for being such a support to her while she was working on it. It is a truly lovely book that you can both be proud of!
planettreasures said…
I'm a big fan of cynthia's work - I'll look out for the book.