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Magazine review and giveaway: Totally Creative online

Totally Creative magazine is a relative newcomer on the scene, but I think it already shows a lot of promise. The sample issue that I saw contained articles by several artists whose work I know and love, including the fabulous Barbara Matthiessen, who wrote an extensive tutorial on creating multi-layered surface design effects on fabric. I also found an article by my friend Beth Wheeler, who shared a felting project.

So what you'll find are professional designers, whose names you'll know from other magazines and books, who've created projects in all different media and for all different skill levels. Sound interesting?

There were no wearables in this sample issue, but there may be some in other issues. Covering a wide variety of craft media, the issue that I saw was organized around the season and its holidays. There are projects to do with the kids, lots of home decor and gift ideas, a book and a product review, and a directory of online resources to help you actually be able to make the projects. There are many fabric projects that could definitely be enhanced even further by your beading skills!


So here's the giveaway: leave a comment below, telling me what your favorite craft or art form is besides beading, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a free subscription to Totally Creative for a year! That is six issues, altogether :-) Next week, I will be randomly drawing a winner!

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Denise said…
Wow! This sounds exciting- and promising! I do love my beadwork but even as I read this blog, I am planning some fabric atc's, crotcheting a baby blanket and thinking about a clipboard challenge from UHU glue! So I am a renaissance woman - and would love a magazine like this!
Cheers, Denise
Very cool. Always love a new craft magazine to inspire. Although I've been sewing and crafting with beads for the longest, I seem to cycle through different crafts/media. Currently I am on a papercrafting kick, making cards for the upcoming season. Also have a serious addiction to polymer clay. Sigh. My fingers are crossed!
Bonnie Holeman said…
How exciting! A new craft magazine. Besides beading, I enjoy collage art (especially making ATCs) and metal work.
ChezChani said…
Besides beading I am currently obsessed with resin and Kumihimo.

Laura said…
Wow...this looks very cool! I do several forms of art and craft, but, I guess, besides beading my favorite is collage.
Carole said…
Looks fantastic! Besides beading, I am learning metalsmithing, and I also scrapbook, dabble in drawing, and sew a little.
Ana said…
Sounds like a good idea. Not sure whether I am too late or not, but I am currently involved in Crewel Embroidery.