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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Beaded ornaments for your tree or table

Here are some projects that will help to bring the generations of beaders together in your family this year. I wouldn't recommend putting the beaded tea lights on your tree, but all the rest of these projects make nice tree ornaments as well as table top decorations.

Small beaded Christmas tree - a great way to use up all your leftover beads!

Beaded glass serving tray - choose beads and wire to match you own decor.

Beaded snowflake ornament - beads and pins...easy easy easy!

Golden beaded pear - not difficult to make but a bit time-consuming (shown above). Can you picture a set of these in a bowl on the table or hanging from your tree?

Star, candycane, and wreath - easy to make beaded ornaments that kids will enjoy helping with.

Safety pin tea lights - I've seen lots of flag pins and bracelets made from beaded safety pins, but I've never seen tea lights before!

Fuse bead ornaments - another great project to do with the kids!

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