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Beaded turtles

Not everything I do with beads ends up being wearable!  I wanted to show you two of the four fabric panels that I've been working on recently.  I'm not sure quite yet what they're going to turn into, but it will definitely be some sort of quilt or fabric collage.  When we visited Hawai'i this past February, I ended up a bit obsessed with sea turtles.  Upon our return, I cut out a stylized turtle form and painted some fabrics.  In July, I'll be sharing the whole how-to process on Mixed Media Artist, and I'll make sure to share the link at that time. [Note - as of 07/23/12, the link above will take you directly to the correct post]

I used a simple running stitch to accent the outlines of the turtles and spirals on each piece.  Then I stitched on a few buttons and followed up with embroidered fly stitch and beads, beads, beads.


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Sarah Sequins said…
Cyndi, those are awesome fabric panels! I love turtles, and I'll be looking forward to the tutorial. :)
evalley said…
These turtle panels are just beautiful. You honor the turtles!
WindyRiver said…
Beautiful work - love the imagery and the beading!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! It's one of the most relaxing projects I've worked on in a long time :-)
Carol Wiebe said…
Very nicely done!