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CopprClay help from Christine Ritchey

My friend Christine Ritchey took one look at my miserable pieces from the Tuesday post and promptly sent me some more suggestions for what could have gone wrong.  Aren't friends wonderful?!
Hi Cyndi,
First, it's refreshing to see someone posting failures! Heaven knows, we all have them. Here're are some thoughts, although you've probably thought of them yourself.  
Did you reconstitute with distilled water? Were the pods and twigs really really dry? Could the clay or brush have been contaminated in any way? It does look like the clay might have needed a few more coats, but of course I'm having to look at the pictures on this itty bitty screen! ;-)
I wrote back:

Chris, you're such a sweetie! Thank you for your ideas. I did NOT use distilled water, but it was highly filtered. Still...hmmm... The twigs and pods were bone dry, but that's a good thing for me to mention to readers anyway, and I forgot. I think the major problem was two-fold: the clay was not reconstituted quite fully, with little tiny lumps of hard stuff still in the mix, and I also don't think I did enough layers. I'm going to post your comment as a follow-up, so I thank you for pointing out those additional things that I missed! I think it's important to occasionally show failures...many of my readers are beginners, so I want them to know that we all have our days!

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