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Book review: Wire + Metal

 By Denise Peck & Jane Dickerson 
 Interweave/F+W; $22.99 

Adding metalwork to our repertoire is something that continues to be daunting for many beaders.  Well, I swear to you, if you are wanting to do it but frightened to take the plunge, you couldn't find better guides who will help you immerse yourself gradually than Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson in their new book published by Interweave.

There are eight chapters which cover all the basic information you need to get started, including metal types, proper gauge and hardness, tools, and techniques.  If you work your way through these chapters, you will pick up almost all the techniques that will be used in the 30 projects which follow.  There are a few additional techniques which are covered along the way, in a bit more detail as needed, but everything else will already be under your belt.  The basics chapters will teach you about measuring and cutting properly, annealing with flame, texturing metal, forming it (both sheet metal and wire), creating cold connections, adding patinas, and finishing your pieces.

And the projects...oh, the projects!  Take a look at some of the examples below:

Eco Revival necklace by Jane Dickerson

Metal Petals bracelet by Jane Dickerson,
Calliope earrings and Bubbles necklace by Denise Peck

Corbel earrings by Keirsten Giles

Don't you LOVE those earrings in the image directly above?  I want to make them right now!

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