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Royal Pearls necklace

When I found these pretty gold-plated filigree rounds, I knew that they were destined to become the delicate supports for a pearl necklace. I chose rose hued fresh water pearls, but you could substitute whatever color you wanted, or use completely different beads instead!

Materials & Tools 
22 mm gold-plated filigree rounds, 9
Fresh water pearl, 35
2mm gold-plated rounds, 56
2” gold-plated head pins, 19
24” of 24 gauge gold colored wire, cut into 3” pieces
12” gold-plated stringing wire, .015” diameter
4 gold-plated crimp beads
Gold-plated chain, 3 - 4”
Gold hook
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers

1. Slide a pearl and a 2 mm gold-plated round onto 18 head pins. Create a wrapped loop with each so that there are 2 dangles hanging from the bottom of each of 9 filigree rounds.

2. Connect the filigree rounds together as follows: Turn a small wrapped loop around the upper side hole of one filigree round using a 3” piece of 24 gauge wire. Slide on a pearl between two gold rounds, and create another wrapped loop around the next filigree round. Continue connecting in this way until all 9 are linked.

3. Cut your piece of beading wire in half. Crimp one piece to each outside filigree round. Add 3-4 inches of pearls and 2mm gold-plated rounds. I alternated 2 gold-plated rounds with each pearl.

4. On one end, crimp the wire around a hook, and work the end back through the last two gold-plated rounds. Clip the wire end off close. On the other end, crimp the wire around a length of chain to make the necklace adjustable. Make sure the chain links are big enough to accommodate the hook.

5. Create a dangle with the last head pin, sliding on a pearl between two gold-plated rounds. Wrap a loop around the free end of the chain. You can wear this necklace snug like a choker, or longer if it suits your clothing neckline.

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The filigree and pearl combination is just perfect. I love those filigree rounds.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Eileen! :-)