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Book review: Micro Macrame Basics and Beyond

If you're thinking about heavy dark hemp, forgetaboudit!  Try this instead:

This is the style of macrame done by the Raquel Cruz, author of Kalmbach's new book Micro Macrame Basics and Beyond.

I have been fascinated by macrame since childhood.  Of course back then, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, think and colorful cords were hard to come by.  I think everything I made used that terrible brown shreddy rope that ripped your hands apart while you worked.

Then came beautiful C-Lon and other brands of nylon cord.  All the colors of the rainbow, and no shreds!  As you can clearly see, micro-macrame looks nothing like the old style.  I've done a bit with half knots and square knots, but Raquel shows you how to combine these with lark's heads and half hitches to create beautiful patterns and gorgeous jewelry that are a far cry from the scratchy hippy jewelry and friendship bracelets of the past.  But, if you want to make a beautiful friendship bracelet, now you'll be able to do that too!

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Jen said…
I really, really love doing macrame, and the first thing I learned to do was micro-macrame that used waxed linen, in '76. My mom's friend had a daughter close in age to me, and she asked if I wanted to learn. She had been making bracelets to wear to school.

I started working at a craft store in '80, and macrame was a big seller with all of the various poly type cords--no hemp there. It was still selling well when I left in '82, but the next store I went to didn't have the selection, nor the sales of the other.

I continue to do micro-macrame to this day, and although I have tried C-lon, I've been using other types of nylon thread/cord. I've used quite a bit of Omega brand thread, even though it is more for knitting and crocheting. I've figured out a way to keep it from slipping while tying (it is awfully slick), and have even dyed different colors.
Cyndi L said…
Would you like to share some of your work with readers here, Jen? I'm sure everyone would love to see some of the pieces you've made!
Jen said…
Hi Cyndi,

I only have a few pieces on hand right now, and haven't done a lot of new things recently, but do have photos. What would be the best way to send them to you?

I don't do anything elaborate, so don't expect them to look like some of the well known micro-macrame artists out there. I don't have much of an outlet to sell them, that's why I only do things as needed.
Cyndi L said…
email me, Jen...I love to share reader work :-)